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2017 Conference

Featured: How to Create a Winning  Culture in your Store

Walter Robb, Former CEO, Whole Foods

Think the running business is tough? Try the grocery business, which faces challenges from online sellers and mass merchants, all while trying to move inventory that carries an expiration date. Learn how industry changing Whole Foods deals with those challenges by building a winning culture amongst its employees.

Robb is an experienced retailer and entrepreneur who is a Director of The Container Store. He also sits on the Whole Planet Foundation Board of Directors and the Board of Directors for the Retail Industry Leaders Association.

Lessons from Outside The Run Channel

Tom Griffen, TG Training and Education

If we only study the run industry for clues on how to improve, we’ll never do anything but recycle the same, old, worn out ideas. But if we look beyond our areas of expertise, we’ll find a wealth of practical information that makes the mundane interesting again. In this interactive workshop, Griffen will address topics such as customer acquisition, personnel retention, and staff training from various non-run specialty perspectives. Attendees will be challenged to reframe store basics using fresh angles of observation. The result: participants will bring new life to their day-to-day, add modern energy to the floor, and ensure store minutiae gets the detailed attention it always deserves.

Changing your Mindset To Promote Growth

Gregg Frederick, CSE G3 Development Group, Inc

With the turbulent retail environment that the running industry is experiencing today, many of the industry’s leaders, vendors, and retailers are stuck in a fixed mindset that is inhibiting growth. How does the industry mindset need to change in order to realize the growth opportunities that exist? This session will challenge and energize the TRE attendees’ belief system into one that is liberating and unlimited.

The Future of Events & Retail: A Candid Conversation

Dave Zimmer (top), Steve Ginsburg (bottom),

Fleet Feet Sports-Chicago, RAM Racing
Eighteen months ago, Ginsburg and Zimmer made a deal that both men felt better positioned each of them for the future. Zimmer “traded” his roster of popular races to Ginsburg for his established specialty running retail store in the suburbs. How has the trade worked out? What do both of these industry leaders see for the future of events and retail? Attend this session and find out why this was a win-win solution for the running community.
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